It’s getting real, y’all

So, I left my job today. The place I’ve been at for nine years. There’s not many things I’ve done in my life for that long. And even if it wasn’t always perfect, I was surrounded by great people and growth opportunities.

And even though I know this Turkey adventure is right and good and totally what I want, I had my first bout of nausea today. That I don’t think had anything to do with the kolaches I had for both breakfast and lunch.

Change is coming. Stability is going far, far away. My security blankets and control are gone. But you know what? That’s the best time to grow. The times you are most vulnerable are often the times that nurture your soul. And I’m comforted by the people who continue to lift me up and offer help.

Now I’m going to go have a celebratory dinner with Nicole and Vitoria at one of my favorite restaurants. I’m going to have at least two glasses of wine AND an appetizer. 🙂

And, tomorrow I start my group Turkish lessons. Yahoo! (or however you say that in Turkish).


Feeling so grateful

Wow, you guys.  What a sigh of relief.  I finally got to proclaim “I’M MOVING TO TURKEY!” now a week and a half ago.  The thing that’s been on my mind, in my heart, in my soul –  is finally public, free, and pretty damn glorious.

I thank you all for reacting SO positively to the news.  You’ve helped me take a really (let’s be honest) terrifying situation and your thoughts and cheers and OH MY GODS! have bolstered me.  I’m so lucky to be surrounded by people like you.

It’s funny – I’m in this amazing period in my life right now.  Normally, for me, change is  scary.  Now, to quote one of my favorite movies – Bring It On! I feel like I’m ready for whatever, whenever.  And I feel at once kid-like and more adult than I’ve ever felt.

I can’t stop smiling.  Everyone around me is unique, pretty, and funny.  I was telling my friend Kim last night that I’m just meeting all sorts of great people, and having great interactions lately.  And I wonder, is this just normal, or am I putting this happiness out into the universe and it’s giving it back to me in spades?  Or maybe I’m just not so preoccupied so I’m noticing all sorts of beauty around me.  Either way, I’m giving thanks, and appreciating whatever greater power is helping guide this period in my life.