Moving right along…

This week has been a whirlwind…

I started my new short-term job on Wednesday, and I’m loving it.  I’m working as an assistant to the high school at a private school.  I’ve never worked in a school environment before, but I love the vitality of the atmosphere, and the kids popping in and out of the office.  Remember when you dreaded being sent to the principal’s office?  Not these kids.  They hang out there, and seek the counsel of the upper school staff.  Pretty impressive.  Some of the kids have made me “Welcome, Ms. Walters!” signs to hang at my desk, which is so cute.  They, the faculty, and many of the parents have made me feel welcome.

I’m about to head to my second group Turkish language class.  The first one made me realize how very much I don’t know- ACK!  I’ve got a whole lot to learn.  Hopefully, I’ll start to leave the classes feeling encouraged about what I’m accomplishing instead of worried!

Some of my great friends that I worked with on a committee at the last job took me out for Happy Hour this week.  I’m going to miss them – they are such an outstanding bunch of people.  It was funny listening to them talk about some work issues – I thought perhaps I might have some wistful thoughts.  Nope – not at all!  It feels great to have a clean, positive break.  I’m taking it as a great sign that this is a positive change in my life, and I’m on the right path.  No regrets, right?!

I’m feeling pretty nostalgic this week.  One of my very favorite people, April, is moving to California next week.  She’s found the man of her dreams (as he has found his perfect woman) and she’s moving to be with him.  I’m so proud of her, and we debate over which one of us is more brave.  I say she wins – she’s moving for love.  I’m thrilled for her and Jason, but sad that she’ll be gone.  But, I can’t say much about that, can I?  This coming week is full of what should be really fun celebrations, but surely some tears as well.

And Annelise and David have added a perfect little girl to their perfect union.  I love these two so much, love them together, and now they have Beatrix.  I’m so thrilled for them, and a little sad that I won’t be around for the next year or so to see her grow.  But I can bring her interesting Turkish toys, so maybe I can still be her favorite “auntie.”

Changes abound!  I’m welcoming it, and feel extra sensitive to the changes in my loved one’s lives around me.  I’m feeling like I need to be extra grateful and appreciative and not waste time on stupid things.  (Although I will probably still watch The Bachelor.  Ha!)