Things I’m going to miss about home

It goes without saying (but perhaps it shouldn’t) that I will miss my loving family and terrific friends terribly.  My heart starts to break every time I think about leaving my loved ones, so I’ve been doing a great job of avoiding sentimental thoughts about my favorite people.

But as my departure date gets closer, I’ve been thinking about the things in my life that I will miss.  I wrote this Wednesday night, when I had arrived early to a dinner with a group of college girlfriends.  It was one of those few, but absolutely stunning Houston spring days.  I got a glass of wine and sat on the patio, enjoying the sunshine, and cool breeze and started to think.  It was a great reflective moment, and a great dinner with my girls.

So, without further ado:

  • Football.  Yes, even the Houston Texans.  Call me a sucker for punishment, but God help me, I love them.
  • Texas beef.  Oh, so good.
  • And pork!  Going to a country that is mostly Muslim, I will have to seek out pork.  Bacon, I will find you.
  • The all-year-round greenery of Houston.
  • Y’all.  As in, the word “y’all.”  It’s just so darn perfect.
  • Chuy’s creamy jalapeno sauce.  It’s manna.  From Heaven.  It makes God smile.
  • The live oak trees lining the streets around Rice University.  I’ve driven by them every day for 10 years and don’t tire of the sight.
  • The casual elegance of Houston.  Jeans, heels, and a great shirt and a cute bag are the acceptable outfit for everything.
  • Speaking of shoes, DSW.
  • Diet Coke.  Not the Coke Light crap overseas.  How much do you think it would cost to regularly ship cases to Istanbul?
  • Eclectic Home.  Best home accessories &  furnishing store.  EVER.
  • Target.  ‘Nuff said.
  • 13 Celsius.
  • The annual Scavenger Hunt that my friend Andrea, her hubby Allen, and friend Bill manage.  Amazingly fun.



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