It’s the little things…

I had a fairly rough day yesterday…trying to get your life set up in a foreign country really is quite challenging.  At many points, I was ready to plop down in the middle of the busy sidewalk and cry.  But overall, it was good, I learned from it, and things are moving forward, slowly but surely.

It’s funny – as soon as I get down, something good happens – whether it is someone smiling at me, encouraging me

Soon, she will hold my own keys.

with my bumbling Turkish, or seeing the funny hats of the futbol fans (there was a big game yesterday, and the good guys won.)

I was so happy to get to have dinner with my friend Teresa, who happens to be here on vacation.  We found a pub on Istiklal Street where we were the only non-Turks.  We drank Turkish beer and wine while listening to Guns N Roses and The Beatles.

And I bought this keychain.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  And holds the promise of my own apartment keys, soon.


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  1. Nonsequiteuse
    May 16, 2011 @ 09:44:08

    Hang in there! Love your key chain. I can remember sobbing hysterically on the pay phone outside my dorm the first semester I was away at boarding school. It will get better and you’ll be sobbing when you have to leave. Plus, this is going to put so many other challenges in perspective.

    I’m also so glad to know how to pronounce that C with the diacritical mark. Thanks!


    • houstonchick
      May 17, 2011 @ 04:21:15

      Thanks, Andrea. I can’t imagine you sobbing, knowing that you really liked your school – but that’s the point, right? It gets better, day to day. And I’m learning more, and gaining confidence. And wow are you guys helping! Thanks again, I really appreciate your thoughts!


  2. anna grassini
    May 16, 2011 @ 12:21:11

    Biggest stomach ache of my life was the day I left on plane to come to College to America. Although I had chosen it, I still remember vividly (and believe you me–it was a while back) what that first week in this new country felt like. And I spoke the language (for the most part). So much one can learn about oneself…but it is never easy. Just know that you are connected to your friends throughout the world. Friendship and love have no boundaries and no geography…sending you a huge transatlantic hug!
    Life is Amazing! Live well.


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