Meet my new friends

From L to R, that's Ahmet, Deniz, Mat, Selma, and Ozen. Aren't they lovely?

I have been so lucky to have my friend Ozen to help my transition to living in Istanbul.  I met her two and a half years ago, when Kim and I first came to Turkey.  She manages a great hotel called the Emine Sultan – this is how we met.

She and I have stayed in touch, and when I told her I was moving, she was really happy for me, and immediately told me to stay with her while looking for an apartment.  She’s been great, helping me with everything, supporting me, feeding me, helping me with my Turkish.  I’m incredibly lucky and grateful to have her as a friend.

When I first arrived, she also had friends from Ankara coming to stay with her.  So, it was like a big reunion/slumber party!  Her friends are funny and smart and lovely, and they treated me so nicely.  A couple speak English, some understand it but don’t speak it, and one other doesn’t speak English at all.  But somehow it all worked.  Even when they were all speaking just in Turkish, it was lovely to listen to, and good for me as I continue to develop my pronunciation and the rhythms of this language.

I was sad to see my new friends leave, but they told me they will look forward to visiting my apartment when they return.  That made me feel great, and I would be thrilled to have them.  I’m already thinking ahead to what I should cook for them!


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  1. Steven Champagne
    May 17, 2011 @ 18:02:07

    Jessica, I look forward to your blogs to see how things are progressing. I’m so jealous, I wish I were able to do what you have done. Enjoy every minute. All I can do is live it through you.


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