Tongue twisters

Learning Turkish is kind of fun.  I’m working on it daily, learning new words and improving my pronunciation as I go.

I’m spending alot of time during the day at Ozen’s hotel – it’s good, as I get into the city, and it is near services I need (banks, cell phone shop, etc.).  And they have wireless internet.  So, I’m starting to get to know the staff quite well.  And they now are pestering me to speak only Turkish to them – no English!  I told them this would make for very limited conversations, but overall, they are patient with me, and are having fun helping to teach me.

Today, I had an “AHA” moment.  In the shower, of course.  It is where I do my very best thinking.

The Turkish alphabet includes several letters we do not have.  I have been struggling with the ö and the ü. These sounds come from deep in the throat – we just don’t have these sounds in English.  These letters are in many of the words, and in most people’s  names, so it’s not like I can just mumble through them and hope no one notices.  But today, I turned a corner.

I can now say (correctly!) both vowel sounds.  A good test is the name of both my ferry station and a tram stop called Eminönü.  E’s and i’s and umlats galore.  But I say it almost like a real Turkish person now – hooray!


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  1. Nonsequiteuse
    May 19, 2011 @ 15:52:25

    Kind of like what I just learned about Turkish pronunciation – pronounce all letters, all letter have only 1 sound, and letters never combine. Once you really start thinking in Turkish, which I bet will start happening in a couple of weeks, you’ll be golden.


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