Life updates!

Hi y’all.

I’m sitting in an airport hotel in Dublin, Ireland writing this post. I said I wanted to take advantage of travel, and the last two weeks, I have!

I’ve been in four (five if you count Turkey!) countries over the last week and a half. Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind – thank God I packed light- but what a great way to experience the flavor of several different places.

Out of all the places, I will definitely return to Berlin and Bruges. Two vastly different places, but I fell in love with them both. I loved the gritty-ness of Berlin with it’s mix of historical and modern, sleek architecture. And the food was delicious. And the people were just great. And Bruges? So beautiful. So charming. A down-to-earth fairy tale.

I return to Istanbul tomorrow. Although the trip was good, I’m ready to return “home.” I even want Turkish food! (I love Turkish food, but there’s very little diversity in dining in Istanbul. Would you like Turkish or Turkish tonight?)

I’m returning to new challenges as well. I start a new job on Monday. While I wish I could have lasted at my previous school, there were just too many challenges to stay. So, I’m going from teaching pre-school and primary to teaching English at a university. A naval college, at that. I’ll be teaching mostly 18 year old boys wearing uniforms. Quite the change, but I welcome it. Wish me luck!!

I’m loving my new apartment in Moda. It’s not far from my old place, but it’s a lovely neighborhood with lots of trees and parks, cafes and fun little shops. I lost my water view, but am one street from the water, and a huge park that Clover loves. And I finally have a balcony! Looking forward to warmer weather to really enjoy it. I have room for guests (hint, hint!).

We had out first snow just before I left for vacation, and it looks like I’ll be flying back into snow tomorrow. I’ve learned how to dress warmly – hats are cute and functional!

Miss you guys. For those of you that I saw over Christmas, wow, it was good to see you. Hugs!